Busy weekend in Miami

This was one great weekend of shoots in Miami, some of my favorite models like Heather Shanholtz and Jacqueline Suzanne.  I also shot a new swimwear line “no strings attached” for playboy cyber girl Stephanie Rotuna. I photographed some great new models like Taylor Emily and one model who we have been trying to set up a shoot for 3 years Laura Elisa.  She has some amazing body art and will be getting in some major tattoo magazines.  Jacqueline Suzanne and I shot a “desperate housewives” sexy themed shoot to submit to American Curves.  You can check out some of the shots on her fan page  Heather Shanholtz and I got some super sexy country themed photos that we will be submitting to Muscle mag and American Curves as well.  You can check them out on her website  I had one of the biggest problem customers this weekend to, this girl put down a deposit for a shoot and started calling me everyday changing her mind about outfits and locations.  It became extremely annoying but I dealt with it.  She then called me at 5am and woke me up one morning.  Not understanding how extremely inappropriate that was I decided to give her her deposit back as I like to enjoy my work and not work with people that cause me stress or are disrespectful.  Below are some of the images from my some of my shoots this weekend